What Is Law And Being A Lawyer

Imagine a world without any rule or regulation, without any policy of what is right? What is wrong? How one should be rewarded or punished according to the sin or a good deed he/she has done in life. Imagine a world without any law, this is a nightmare in itself right? But the situation can be true if there are no rules or laws in the market. Certainly there are some aspects in life for which laws are made and there are some angles and matters of life where rules are enough to create a cool balance in anything. We all can witness this very easily that some countries have exemplary setups for laws, they have separate rules and regulations for every and anything and normally they monitor everything likewise. Then there are certain countries where law situation is not at all suitable or if there are laws there are no law abiding citizens; as a result of whom things get messy and bad. Let’s discuss some basics related to litigation lawyers and how it is to be a lawyer:

What is Law?

In dictionaries there are ‘n’ number of definitions available and more or less every definition solves the purpose, but in layman language law can be explained as something ‘which has been set by the government which is in power presently’ whoever goes beyond the law faces the consequences (negative ones), certainly there are things which one has to understand before even following the law such as: who is the maker, if that law is even real or man-made, what are the rewards and punishments etc.

Types of lawyers:

Law is a versatile field which cannot be defined in one paragraph, ample sub-fields are available in the field of law and lawyers can obtain specialization in any sub-field of law. Instead of considering every lawyer as somebody who can solve murder mystery it is better to go through some basic types of lawyers; financial lawyers, property lawyers, marriage lawyers, criminal lawyers (which are considered as the core field of lawyers) etc. Although there are different fields for different matters, lawyers obtain almost same degrees and go through the same process of evaluation no matter what. Certainly it is a rush process to become a lawyer; there are practices and practical knowledge, one has to obtain proper license in order to practice the law in any country, in addition, one has to get registered in the court of law for the earning purpose (which means the government can now hire you for state defense or something). All in all law and lawyers are custodians of justice and every citizen must consult a lawyer for any legal advice otherwise things may get too messy and/or technical. For professional lawyers advices visit here https://www.simwolf.com.au/